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Inflammation and your skin: Why our Soothing Complex might be the skin saviour you’ve been looking for.

Inflammation and your skin: Why our Soothing Complex might be the skin saviour you’ve been looking for.

Posted 07.06.2021

What is inflammation?
Inflammation plays an essential role in our bodies healing and repair process. Inflammation in the body means our immune system has been triggered and is working to repair or repel a foreign invader. Therefore, meaning a controlled, small amount of inflammation is not necessarily negative. However, prolonged periods of inflammation can cause further problems and this can have ramifications on our skin.

Whether it’s redness, discomfort or dehydration, inflammation can manifest in a number of ways on our skin as well as accelerate skin ageing. Inflammation occurs as part of our bodies’ immune response to a foreign stimulus or trigger. That trigger can be an external aggressor such as sunlight, pollution or even a reaction to the wrong skincare product.

Inflammation and the skin
Sustained inflammation can actually accelerate skin ageing: Coined ‘inflammaging’, this occurs because our innate immune system produces pro-inflammatory cytokines, and there is mounting research that this contributes to a number of age-related diseases as well as accelerated skin-ageing. As we age, collagen and elastin production slow, our skin exfoliates at a slower rate and we lose more water via transepidermal water loss. So, how can we look after our skin to reduce the effects of inflammation and protect against inflammaging? Both what we put on our skin and what we consume can effect skin inflammation, when it comes to skincare there are some key ingredients that have been proven to help with inflammation and irritation - as well as strengthen the skin's barrier. 

Our advanced Anti-Inflammatory Soothing  Complex can be found in all of our products

Rosemary Extract
This extract contains a high concentration of rosmarinic acid, a plant polyphenol, with powerful anti-inflammatory effects and time release antioxidant properties.

Cornflower Extract
This natural extract helps to balance a sensitive and stressed skin barrier. Its beneficial influence on the inflammatory process means it can reduce redness and irritation.

Organic Chamomile Extract
This organic extract is rich in apigenin, an antioxidant renowned for its beneficial anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. It also contains flavonoids, coumarins, essential oils and polysaccharides that are all known to soothe and calm the skin.