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Nature’s Finest Ingredients

Nature’s our biggest inspiration. Our skin-loving formulas are packed with homegrown botanical actives and natural extracts that soothe, nourish and protect your skin. Whatever your skin concern, the planet has a powerhouse ingredient to target it. Some you may know already, others we’d love to introduce you to. You’ll find our high-performing formulas rich in omega seed oil to help maintain a healthy skin barrier. Our bestsellers are also formulated with hyaluronic acid and ceramides to help restore your natural glow and target fine lines. We leave out any unnecessary ingredients to make more room for the potent British botanicals that leave your skin glowing.

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Backed By Science

Our super-fruit charged skincare and pick of British botanicals are as safe as they are hardworking. Every Olivanna and My Olivanna formula is developed by one of London’s leading chemists and rigorously tested to ensure maximum efficacy. We harness the power of nature with the help of science to ensure the powerful active ingredients we pick deliver clinically proven and impactful results. Each product is tested not just dermatologically and ophthalmologically but in clinical and user trials. Discover the results for yourself…

seasonal flowers

How the British seasons inspire us

We work with the seasons to create high-performing skincare that performs all year round. Our signature Olivanna blend is inspired by the changing British seasons and credits its soothing and skin-conditioning benefits to UK-grown botanicals. It combines spring-loving elderflower with the English rose, which blooms throughout summer, our favourite autumnal treat, the Bramley apple, and hardy Scottish heather, which thrives in winter.

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Our Signature Soothing Complex

We believe our signature Soothing Complex of rosemary, chamomile and cornflower extracts should be the backbone of every skincare routine. That’s why you’ll find it in every Olivanna formula. Just like your gut microbiome, a healthy skin microbiome protects against infection. Our soothing trio of anti-inflammatory actives helps to balance and protect the skin’s delicate microbiome from daily environmental aggressors and pollutants. To balance and comfort stressed skin, we use the highest concentrations of the antioxidant rosmarinic acid, redness-reducing cornflower extract and soothing organic chamomile extract to deliver maximum results.


Anti-Inflammatory Actives

rosemary extract
Rosemary Extract

Highly concentrated in rosmarinic acid, a plant polyphenol recognised for its powerful anti-inflammatory and time release antioxidant properties.

Cornflower Extract
Cornflower Extract

Restores skin comfort by reducing redness and irritation through beneficial influences on the inflammatory processes.

Chamomile Extract
Chamomile Extract

Our chamomile extract is organically farmed. Rich in flavonoids, coumarins, and polysaccharides, this organic extract is known to soothe and calm skin.


Why We Love Bakuchiol

Dubbed the “natural retinol”, our hero ingredient, the plant-based bakuchiol, offers similar anti-ageing benefits to retinol but without irritating your skin. It is also safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Extracted from the seeds and leaves of the Psoralea corylifolia plant, it’s a potent antioxidant that helps to visibly reduce pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and even blemishes. It also helps to boost collagen production, which gives skin its strength and elasticity, to encourage a youthful complexion.


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