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Family story

A Family Story

A lifetime of skincare for all generations. Olivanna is a natural, luxury skincare & wellness brand created by a mother and inspired by her daughters. At Olivanna, we believe in the power of moments and cherish the practices that are passed up and down the generations. From our finest British grown ingredients to our bespoke facial techniques and artisan glass bottles, handcrafted by one of the last remaining family-owned glassmakers in the UK, the beauty of connection runs through the heart of Olivanna and embodies our definition of luxury.

A Lifetime Of Skincare


Our Founder

Our founder, Janine Summers, created Olivanna when she struggled to find natural, consciously-sourced, results-driven skincare for her and her daughters that is safe, efficacious, and beautifully formulated & packaged. An early adopter of organic and natural beauty, Janine has harnessed her passion for natural skincare, through the lens of a mother wanting the best for her and her family, to create a curated range of advanced natural skincare that spans generations. She envisaged a highly desirable, female-founded brand that was anchored in formulating sustainable, clinically-proven products using British-grown natural ingredients that make women look and feel beautiful in their skin. And so, Olivanna was born.

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Our Values

At Olivanna we believe in the strength and energy of women and the importance of female relationships across generations. Connected by a love of natural advanced skincare and a desire for wellbeing, at Olivanna, women of all life stages are brought together in one community to inspire and share with one another. Be it mother and daughter, the truest of friends, or a cherished aunt or mentor, Olivanna encapsulates what it means to be a woman and the powerful female connections that span generations.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create advanced natural skincare for generations around the world.

"Olivanna is where generations and skincare come together. Skincare goes far beyond a skin concern, it is about understanding the complexity of our skin, our different life stages, our health and lifestyle. I wanted to create a space where women of all ages could come together in one brand, inspiring one another, sharing skincare advice whilst using luxury, skin performing, natural products."

- Janine Summers, Founder

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