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Performance Skincare

Learn more about how our performance skincare works

At Olivanna London we wanted to create skincare that is packed full of high-performing natural ingredients.

Our products have been formulated by one of London’s leading chemists, and have been dermatologically & ophthalmology tested. With our scientifically formulated and clinically proven skincare products, you can achieve healthy, rejuvenated, glowing skin.

Within every product we have created is a balance of anti-inflammatory ingredients such as:

Rosemary extract- Highly concentrated in rosmarinic acid, a plant polyphenol recognised for its powerful anti-inflammatory and time-release antioxidant properties.

Cornflower extract- Restores skin comfort by reducing redness and irritation through beneficial influences on the inflammatory processes.

Chamomile extract- our chamomile extract is organically farmed. Rich in flavonoids, coumarins, and polysaccharides, this organic extract is known to soothe and calm skin.

On our website you can see our full range of skincare products such as:

On our website you can see our bestsellers, our fantastic gift sets as well as our story which we hope gives you further insight into our company and what we aim to achieve.