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Upcycling your empties: the beauty trend for your home

Upcycling your empties: the beauty trend for your home

Posted 04.05.2021

Upcycling your empties: the beauty trend for your home

We all know that feeling when you get to the bottom of your favourite beauty product; that sense of accomplishment, a little disappointment and the complete bewilderment of what to do with such a beautiful empty jar. We love that a lot of beauty brands are striving towards completely recyclable packaging for their skincare products and we’re proud to say Olivanna is among them. But, Team Olivanna happens to think our jars and bottles are just too pretty to pop in the recycling, so we’ve started to upcycle them instead. Here are some of our favourite ways to reuse your luxury skincare containers:

Janine, Olivanna Founder:

“When I designed the packaging I wanted it to be beautiful, practical and sustainable. One of my favourite ways to ‘upcycle’ our night cream jars is to give them to my daughters to help keep their desks in order. They each have about three on their desks filled with paper clips, staples and sticky tabs. I might be biased, but they certainly  look pretty as a desk tidy.”

recycled olivanna night cream jar with paper clips in
empty serum bottle with yellow flower

Antonia, Content Manager:

“When I joined Team Olivanna I was super keen to try the bakuchiol miracle serum as I’d been using retinol for over a year and wanted a natural, gentle alternative. I’ve just finished my first bottle and I am converted; my skin feels firm, my skin tone is more even and I love how hydrated my skin feels when I wake up. Instead of recycling my bottle I’ve decided to pop it in my window as a mini-vase. The purple colour looks beautiful with a spring bloom like a daffodil.”

Ruby, Social Assistant:

“The night cream has helped nourish and hydrate my sensitive skin and it smells amazing. I’m currently on my third jar, and am experimenting with upcycling my empties to see if I can use the jar as a mini planter!”

empty night cream jar with tulips in