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Is scent the secret to wellness?

Is scent the secret to wellness?

Posted 07.12.2020

From lowering stress levels to elevating your mood, fragrance holds remarkable power. Here’s how we harness it at Olivanna.

You’ve likely experienced the emotional shift that scent can evoke. How the mere hint of a familiar scent can take you straight back to a moment in time. The fragrance that transports to your first date with your husband, the perfume of a loved one, the fireside-scented candle that transports you to Christmas day surrounded by family and friends.

Whilst wistfulness is an inevitability and our olfactory memories are easily triggered, scent holds far greater powers. From reducing stress levels to improving our quality of sleep or shifting our emotional state, the connection between fragrance and wellness is undeniable.

Take, for example, lavender and its ability to reduce postpartum depression, or aromatherapy which has been shown to calm, relax and rejuvenate the human body. As countless studies into scent seem to suggest, the key to happiness could be right under our noses.

At Olivanna, we wholeheartedly believe in the mood-altering power of scent and its ability to increase wellness – a remedy which is reflected in our signature blend.

The Olivanna signature scent

A performance-driven, natural line with wellness at its core, we take a holistic 360° approach to skincare and formulate with the power of scent in mind. Highly efficacious and boasting 97% naturally derived ingredients, each of our skin-performance products (aside from the eye cream, which is fragrance-free, so as not to irritate the delicate eye area) has been delicately fragranced with our signature scent – a unique blend that’s designed to boost both mind and skin.

Inspired by founder Janine Summers’ childhood summers spent in the English countryside, the fragrance is evocative of wildflower meadows. Created in partnership with a leading fragrance house, it captures the four seasons of the English countryside and artfully blends English Rose, Elderflower, Bramley Apple and Heather.

Each of the Olivanna notes has been carefully considered and boasts several benefits. Rose has a relaxing, anti-anxiety effect on the brain, whilst apple is said to reduce the severity of headaches.

The Power of Scent

Not only do we want our products to deliver a palpable difference to your skin, but we believe skincare should be a source of self-care and wellbeing. Aside from our signature blend, our products have been crafted with a blend of powerhouse botanicals, omega-rich oils and plant-derived ingredients, all which help to inspire relaxation and calm.

Delivering a full sensory and stress-relieving experience, each product in our skincare launch suite has been enriched with our soothing complex. With a high concentration of rosmarinic acid, rosemary extract is utilised for its anti-inflammatory and time-release antioxidant properties. Cornflower Extract helps to reduce redness and irritation, balancing sensitive and stressed skin and restoring skin comfort, whilst, organic chamomile extract delivers powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, to soothe and calm the skin.

Want to experience how Olivanna skincare can give you a wellbeing and beauty boost? Explore the full Olivanna range today.