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Mother's Day - A Story of Generations

Mother's Day - A Story of Generations

Posted 10.03.2023

Here at Olivanna, we’re firm believers that the best beauty secrets are the ones handed down for generations. The ones that your mother learnt from her mother, and so on.

Our founder Janine Summers is on a mission to empower and inspire women all over the world, starting with her very own daughters. As an early adopter of organic and natural skincare, and her love for the power of British Botanicals, this led to the creation of Olivanna. With two teenage daughters beginning their skincare journeys, Janine noticed that the industry was lacking in safe and gentle products for young skin, and so my olivanna was created.

With an Olivanna and my olivanna routine, your young ones begin with my olivanna for their very first skincare needs, and as they grow older Olivanna is then passed down from mother. Olivanna is designed to be shared amongst women from all walks and stages of life and passed from friend to friend.

Olivanna combines potent, high-performing ingredients inspired by the British countryside, whilst my olivanna is specially formulated for younger complexions and are all superfruit-powered to deliver results.