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A Q&A With Our Founder Janine Summers

A Q&A With Our Founder Janine Summers

Posted 29.06.2023

What inspired you to create Olivanna?

“As a family, we have always spent our weekends in the country with my daughters since they were small, enjoying the ever changing seasons and long dog walks. I wanted to create a luxury British skincare brand and our seasons in all their glory, it felt like the perfect connection to begin to formulate products.”

What’s inside the ‘Signature Blend’?

“The English countryside was an inspiration to our signature blend, found in each of our products. Elderflower is always one that I place in my spring flower arrangements around the family home. English Rose was inspired by our beautiful rose garden and the nurturing of our David Austin roses. Bramley Apple in autumn was inspired from picking apples with my daughters when they were younger in our orchard and carrying the baskets back to the house to begin to make a family favourite, delicious apple crumble. Whilst Heather was a true reminder of beautiful family walks in the Scottish Highlands as a child.”

Tell us about your British farm?

“With my love of the English countryside, I began renovating an estate that was in need of some attention. Our herd of sheep and new lambs that arrive every spring, fill us with so much joy and do in fact remain with us at the farm. They are what we call our 'pasture managers' ensuring the fields remain lush and free from thistles. They really are hard working members of our farming team. In was at this time, whilst renovating the farming estate, that Olivanna was founded and the farm remains a constant reminder that our British botanicals can be used in partnership with science led actives to create Olivanna's clinically proven, high performance skincare range."