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Cruelty-Free Skincare

Are you passionate about using cruelty free skincare products?

Although it’s declined over the years, many brands still rely heavily on testing their skincare products on animals. Cruel and unnecessary, this method of testing is something that needs to be changed, and with our range of cruelty free skincare products, we hope that others will soon follow.

At Olivanna London we are passionate about creating cruelty free skincare, and we believe that healthy skin can be achieved without having to rely on cruel testing. All the products we create are made to be kind and gentle on your skin and bring out your natural glow.

Our clinically proven skincare products are created by harnessing the power of British plant-derived active ingredients, and can give you a more radiant complexion.

On our website you can find the following cruelty free skincare products:

To discover more about the science behind our cruelty free skincare products, see our formulas page.

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