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Restore Your Radiance With Our Anti-Ageing Skincare

Now we’re in mid-summer, it’s never been more important to protect your skin. With temperatures rising all over the world, any anti-ageing skincare routine must include a decent SPF. There are also other products which protect your skin, like vitamin C serums. 

Vitamin C is good for anti-ageing because when used alongside sunscreen, it can provide added protection against UV damage. In other words, it acts as an extra layer of defense.

From products to protect your skin, to those which brighten, restore and strengthen, Olivanna has everything needed to improve your skin at any age. 

Prepare for your upcoming vacation. 

Our latest range includes our Summer Lift and Glow Collection which provides limited edition minis of some of our bestselling products. This handy kit includes:

  • SPF 50 to protect your skin against harmful rays.
  • Bakuchiol serum, a wonderful natural ingredient that can reduce the look of fine lines. This ingredient is one of the latest star ingredients in the world of anti-ageing. 
  • Vitamin C which helps to protect your skin during the day.
  • A cleansing balm to remove all traces of make-up at the end of the day. This kit gives you everything needed for double cleansing effectively. 
Find out more about our luxurious anti-ageing skincare or contact our friendly team for more information.